Celebrate HR Professionals Day 2023!

Today is Human Resources Professionals Day! Is your company recognizing the contributions made by the HR (sometimes referred to as the People Operations) Pros at your workplace?

By Kelly Pallanti, SHRM-SCP, Senior HR Consultant
26th September, 2023
Kelly Pallanti is a mission-driven HR consultant. She believes that people (humans) are the invaluable driver that advance the mission and values of an organization, and that HR should be there to support them.

Here is a breakdown of the history and modern significance behind the HR profession and why HR Professional Day should be celebrated in your organization.

What is Human Resources Professionals Day?

HR Professionals Day is a time to bring awareness to the profession and the people who thrive in the HR role. It was first referred to as Human Asset Proficient Day (H.R. Professional Day) in 2013 and it was not until 2018 that the day was formally recognized and began to gain traction around the world. It was created to validate the resilient and adaptable behaviors that thrive in successful human resources management. Because this department is responsible for communication between leadership and front-line workers, Human Resources is the only business driver that interacts with all departments in an organization. Even with this wide sphere of influence, many people could better understand the HR function and how it impacts company growth and innovation.

Why should your organization Celebrate HR Professionals Day?

HR Professionals Day is celebrated in the US annually on September 26th by companies of all sizes and industries to recognize these key roles that elevate the quality of their workforce.

Appreciation days are an opportunity to acknowledge the value each role contributes. The better understanding people have of how internal operations are managed, the more likely they are to adopt a growth mindset and participate in a supportive work culture. In addition to building a better workforce, recognition of HR Pros is an effective way to encourage their career development and provide them with continued learning resources that will advance their personal and professional goals.

History of Human Resources

Human Resources is an evolving profession. From its humble beginnings as a largely administrative function, Human Resources has grown to be a critical strategic part of many leadership teams, making as much of a business impact as any other function or initiative.

Personnel Department

In the early 19th century large manufacturers began developing Personnel Management positions to take on the responsibility of compliance with labor relations regulations. This resulted in the beginning of formal record management as accurate employee data collection was necessary for controlled operations and led to the development of the Personnel Department in large companies.

Human Resources

Fast-forward to the 1960’s and Human Resources is now an established department that manages recruitment, benefits, and employee engagement in multiple sectors. And with the rise of federal regulations, it was equal employment opportunity practices that shaped the role HR Pros had in leading fair and ethical behaviors in their organizations.

People Operations

Today many companies have transformed Human Resources into a whole new department, People Management or sometimes called People Operations. Even though people have been elevated over human, both titles serve as strategic partners who play a crucial role in the success and sustainability of an organization. HR continues to lead the ever-changing dynamics of the modern workplace in areas such as artificial intelligence, digital preparedness, and employee health and wellbeing. Notwithstanding, HR manages data-driven recruitment and retention policies, key factors in workforce development and supporting an inclusive culture.

Fractional HR can give your organization an HR advantage

HR can include many titles on a career ladder from coordinator to chief officer, and they all deserve to be acknowledged for what they bring to the operational team. And in the center of the HR Profession is a unique position called the Fractional HR Consultant. This type of management consultant accelerates small to midsize businesses that are on a growth trajectory and require specific HR functions. NorthstarPMO has designed Fractional HR Services to fit into the current company structure with a goal to streamline operations, upskill leaders and people managers, and create equitable and safe work environments.

If you would like to learn more about NorthstarPMO’s Fractional HR Consultants that can support your business needs, book a discovery call with us!

Whichever level of support exists in your workplace now, be sure to wish your Human Resources Pros a Happy Human Resources Professional Day!