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Our Fractional HR service is a cost effective solution for small to medium sized companies without an internal HR function

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Boston is changing

Employment law in Massachusetts is complex and changing. If you are not familiar with having employees in Boston, or anywhere in MA for that matter, there are a few bear traps you need to be aware of. For example, Massachusetts has special regulations around terminations, paid leave, and even non-compete agreements. Our Boston Fractional HR service offers you experienced professionals who can help you navigate the unique challenges of being an employer in the bay state.

Our Fractional HR Service

NorthstarPMO provides a Fractional HR service for small and medium-sized businesses without an internal HR department. While businesses of this size often can't justify a full-time HR professional on staff, all SMEs must adhere to important regulations and practices related to staff relations, payroll, benefits, training, and issue resolution.

Our Fractional HR service provides your business with a trusted HR professional (or team of professionals) on a flexible, part-time basis. We function as an in-house department, proactively ensuring the protection of your company and its employees, while also providing ad-hoc, reactive services to your entire organization.

Schedule a free discovery call with us today to tell us your challenges, and we'll describe how we can tailor our Boston fractional HR service to suit you.

Is Fractional HR for me?

Our Fractional HR services are appropriate for organizations with 2-100+ employees, regardless of industry. We can cover you in all 50 states.

Smaller Organizations

The real value of a Fractional HR service to smaller organizations comes from having access to critical Human Resources and People Operations expertise without having the expense of a full-time hire. There are several other advantages to Fractional HR - including reduced management overhead, and the ability to get up and running quickly. Our smallest client has just one employee and saves over $10,000 a year with us.

Larger organizations

Fractional HR can be used to supplement existing in-house resources, or to meet short-term supply and demand issues such as covering a medical absence or helping out with implementation projects.

Fractional HR Benefits

Expertise in Boston and Massachusetts employment law
Flexible terms, low minimums, and easy cancellation at any time
No call centers - always speak directly to your own HR professional
Enterprise-grade IT for the secure sharing of confidential information
100% satisfaction guarantee

Fractional HR Support

Set up and run payroll, including witholdings and state/federal tax filings
Legal compliance, policy development, and employee handbooks
First line support for you and your employees
Management of the employee lifecycle, including onboarding and terminations
Set up and run your recruitment pipeline

Book a free discovery call with us today to tell us about your challenges, and we'll describe how we can tailor our service to suit you.

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