Free Webinar: The Secret to Developing New Managers

Wednesday, Sept 28th 2022, 1PM EDT

By David Bradshaw, Chief Executive Officer
31st August, 2022
David is a highly experienced consultant specializing in business strategy, lean operations/automation, and human resources. He holds a Master's degree from the University of Cambridge, UK, and an MBA from Quantic School of Business and Technology.

I am pleased to be partnering with Kelly Pallanti to deliver this quick but powerful webinar on leadership development

When we hear "leadership development", we often think of senior leaders and the C-Suite. But what about the new managers? In this 30 minute free webinar, Kelly Pallanti and I will do a deep dive into two areas that new managers often find challenging - dealing with conflict, and understanding the breadth and purpose of the management role. We'll do a deep dive into two of the four functions of management, including a discussion on how an organization can help new managers avoid common mistakes.

Please join us online on Wednesday, 28th September at 1PM Eastern for this free webinar, directed towards CEOs, People Operations, Human Resources, and Executive Leaders that believe leadership development is essential for people who have never before held a role managing others.

Missed the webinar? Watch the recording here --> Webinar Recording - The Secret to Developing New Managers